Omegapoint is one of the market’s leading consultants in cybersecurity and secure digital transformation. Together with marketing strategy agency Bright Story we were assigned to refresh the brand but keep the existing logo. 
We wanted to inject more life and energy into the brand system while, at the same time, lending it the flexibility to adapt to different target groups such as investors or tech students. The letter O and the full stop from the logo form the new symbol, which also is the basis for the two new characters named ‘Omega’ and ‘Point’.
What we did
Brand platform / Design platform / Design concept / Digital service design / Illustrations / 3D animation 

Images from Kidler

Other projects

The Swedish Film Selection
Every year, the Swedish Institute together with the Swedish Film Institute (Svenska Filminstitutet) compiles a selection with the best of contemporary Swedish films.
Architects Sweden – Competition Gothenburg
Architects Sweden entrusted us with crafting the Jury Statement for a project competition centered around the design of bus stops within the Gothenburg region.
A studio that produces content for tournaments, events and online for e-sports.
Frontit is a professional consulting company that specializes in helping companies and organisations to implement strategic changes in an effective and successful way. Their main role is to support and guide organisation through complex processes of change.
Architectural municipality of the year
Architects Sweden and HSB entrusted us with crafting the Jury Statement for the competition.
Fashion Revolution
The fashion and textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. Fashion revolution is an exhibition about the challenges – but also about the possibilities – that the fashion industry is facing in its shift towards a circular business model.
Stories of Migration
This exhibition aims to add new perspectives to the story of Sweden and migration, and to give insights into the current situation in the country.
Join the parade
Join the parade – Pride and other LGBTQI+ events
Study in Sweden
Study in sweden is a comprehensive, official resource on higher education for International students from all over the world. Here you will find everything from programmes for higher education to day-to-day student life in Sweden.
Tekla Festival
Tekla workshop and dialogue – Empower girls and women in tech. A tech festival for girls and non-binary aged 11-15.
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