Architectural municipality of the year

Architects Sweden is a collective trade union and professional organization representing all architects in Sweden. They aspire to see architects who exhibit responsiveness to present and future demands.
Every year since 2015, Architects Sweden, together with HSB, award the title Sweden's Architecture Municipality. Architects Sweden and HSB entrusted us with crafting the Jury Statement for the competition. (Main design by Acne).

Design concept / Imagery 

Images from Kidler

Other projects

Fashion Forward Jakarta
The Fashion Forward Event is a creative talk where Indonesian and Swedish fashion entrepreneurs share their experience on making biodegradable products. Hosted by Jakarta Creative Hub co-working space during Jakarta Fashion Week.
Architects Sweden – Competition Gothenburg
Architects Sweden entrusted us with crafting the Jury Statement for a project competition centered around the design of bus stops within the Gothenburg region.
IFLA World Congress 2023
We were assigned the responsibility of assisting Architects Sweden in creating a graphic landscape for materials in motion, social media, presentation templates, as well as intros and bumpers for the broadcasts.
Woodlife Sweden
We assisted the Swedish Institute and Architects Sweden in creating the Woodlife Sweden exhibition by developing a system that includes logos and illustrated components for the exhibition.
Greener means richer
Sweden consistently ranks as one of the world's ten most competitive economies by the World Economic Forum – all the while reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. How is that possible?
Inferno Online
Inferno Online is the world’s largest gaming centre. We were commissioned to help with brand development.
Join the parade
Join the parade – Pride and other LGBTQI+ events
Omegapoint is one of the market’s leading consultants in cybersecurity and secure digital transformation. Using the very latest technology they offer solutions to make everyday life better, easier and safer.
A studio that produces content for tournaments, events and online for e-sports.
Stories of Migration
This exhibition aims to add new perspectives to the story of Sweden and migration, and to give insights into the current situation in the country.
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