The Swedish Film Selection

Every year, the Swedish Institute together with the Swedish Film Institute (Svenska Filminstitutet) compiles a selection with the best of contemporary Swedish films.
These feature-length, documentary and short films will be distributed for non-profit cultural screenings around the world. 
We were tasked to redesign the packaging and bring a uniform graphic profile to the new film box series. The new-look features playful and bright intersecting colour fields giving the design a festive feeling and paying homage to classic movie premiere searchlights. The design is carried out throughout discs and interactive menus.
Time to bring out the popcorn!​​​​​​​
Awarded with a Red Dot Design Award 
The Red Dot is one of the most prestigious international design competitions with its roots dating back to 1954. The Red Dot is the award for high design quality picked by an international jury that evaluates designs submitted by over a thousand different designers and companies worldwide. 
Further Information:
What we did
Packaging design / Design concept / Motion design / Illustrations

Images from Kidler.

Other projects

Jobbsprånget is Sweden’s largest internship programme for newcomer academics. Jobbsprånget grows for each year and has provided nearly 2,200 internships since its inception. Seven out of ten interns get a job at their professional level.
Architectural municipality of the year
Architects Sweden and HSB entrusted us with crafting the Jury Statement for the competition.
Electionville is a fictional city in the shape of an educational floor game, where the participants take on county council members' challenging roles. The main objective of the game is to educate about and provide insights into how democracy works.
Join the parade
Join the parade – Pride and other LGBTQI+ events
Woodlife Sweden
We assisted the Swedish Institute and Architects Sweden in creating the Woodlife Sweden exhibition by developing a system that includes logos and illustrated components for the exhibition.
Architects Sweden – Competition Gothenburg
Architects Sweden entrusted us with crafting the Jury Statement for a project competition centered around the design of bus stops within the Gothenburg region.
Fashion Revolution
The fashion and textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. Fashion revolution is an exhibition about the challenges – but also about the possibilities – that the fashion industry is facing in its shift towards a circular business model.
Sweden A–Ö
Sverige A–Ö is a photo exhibition built around the Swedish alphabet, each letter and word connected to an image representing something quintessentially Swedish.
Tekla Festival
Tekla workshop and dialogue – Empower girls and women in tech. A tech festival for girls and non-binary aged 11-15.
Tekniksprånget is a four-month paid internship where students get the chance to test the engineering profession in practice.
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